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YES -With a Broadband-Internet connection you can watch many TV channels from most parts of the globe.
DMC-OSSAT offeres German TV Channels from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
Television can be viewed on your Smartphone, Tablet , PC and Home Television set.
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€ 49.00 Subscription
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Our charges have to be in Euros, due to the fact that the Euro fluxes and Services are paid in Europe.

NO more Computer!!
Available from "Ossat" NOW
The Minix Neo 5 unit, with special installed German TV Firmware / Software.
With your wired or wireless Internet connection and our included HDMI Cable connected to your TV
presents you Super quality German HD TV

Your cost: MINIX NEO -5
with Standard Remote Control and Installed German Firmware $ 154.00
Plus Shipping

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For testing, we will send you without any obligation an ID and Password which will allow to watch all channels for 2 days Free.
Bitte laden Sie sich den Freien Player auf Ihren Rechner.
Um zu testen schicken wir Ihnen ohne irgend welcher Verpflichtung, eine ID und Passwort, welche Ihnen 2 Tage Freies schauen erlaubt.

To receive your ID and Password, please send us your Name and E-mail address only.
Bitte senden Sie uns nur Ihren Namen und E-mail Addresse.
To watch German TV on your Smartphone or Tablet for Free, you need to subsribe to our Service.

Um Deutsches Fernsehen FREI auf Ihrem Smartphone oder Tablet empfangen zu können bitte abonnieren Sie unser Service.
MAC - Player download only
MINIX - Neo 5 with German TV software installed.
Shipped via USPS - Priority Mail - only
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